PPS Number - How to Apply

Anyone working in Ireland must have this so your tax can be calculated and you can be paid – you need to make an appointment when you arrive in Ireland but this is usually very quick as long as you do not make an appointment in Dublin.

You will also need your PPS number to open a bank account along with an employer's letter stating your name/address on employer headed paper

Allocation of Personal Public Service Number (PPS Number)

Resident customers

Customers who are present in the State, who have not previously been allocated a PPS Number, should attend the PPS Number allocation centers for the county that they are living in. Evidence of identity and address must be provided. In addition, evidence as to why a PPS Number is required must also be provided. It is not necessary to have a PPS Number order to seek employment.*

*Please note that the PPS Number allocation center for County Dublin only deals with appointments booked online at www.MyWelfare.ie.

Centers for other counties may also offer an appointment booking service at MyWelfare.ie

The identity documents required to be provided are listed in the table below.

Non-resident and exceptional customers

If you are non-resident, unable to attend because of illness, or working abroad, then personal attendance at one of our network of PPS Number allocation centres is not necessary. Please use the Online Enquiry Form to contact Client Identity Services or telephone (071) 967 2616, LoCall: 1890 927 999 If calling from outside the Republic of Ireland please call + 353 71 967 2616 to have the necessary forms sent to you in the post.
The rates charged for using 1890 (LoCall) numbers may vary among different service providers.

Proof of Identity

Proof of identity is a vitally important aspect of the registration procedure and must be established before a PPS Number is allocated. Documents presented may be held for authentication. The following are the prescribed documents to accompany a PPS Number application:

Documents that may accompany an application for a PPS Number


Irish National born in the Republic of Ireland

Irish national born in Northern Ireland and UK citizens

EU Nationals and Other EEA Citizens (Includes EU Nationals and Citizens of Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway plus Switzerland.

Non EEA National

Birth Certificate/Passport

Birth or Adoption Certificate


Passport or Birth Certificate


Current Valid PassportorNational Identity Card


Current Valid PassportorCurrent Valid 1951 Travel Document


Photographic Identification

Valid Photographic Identification e.g. Passport or Current Valid FullIrish or UKDriving Licence


Valid Photographic Identification e.g. Current Valid Irish or UK Driving Licence





Evidence of Address in Ireland

Evidence of Address in Ireland

Evidence of Address in Ireland

Evidence of Address in Ireland

The following are not acceptable as Proof of ID

  • Baptismal Certificate
  • Employment Identity cards or Personal letters
  • Photo-copies of certificates/document
  • Expired documents (For Irish and UK citizens passports expired within the last 12 months may be accepted)

Address Documents

The document submitted, as proof of address, must show the customer’s name and address and can be any one of the following:

  • a household utility bill
  • an official letter/document,
  • financial statement,
  • property lease or tenancy agreement,
  • verifiable* employer's letter,
  • confirmation of address by a third party such as a school principal/administrator, accommodation/property owner**or manager.

It is not necessary that the employer owns/provides the address accommodation.

** Where an applicant is staying with friends/relatives an original household bill plus a note from the bill holder confirming residency at the bill address is acceptable. This note can be written on the bill itself.

Notification of PPS Number

Following successful registration, customers will be advised of their new number through the issue of a letter of notification sent automatically to the address given on the application form within 3 to 5 working days. This letter is acceptable proof of one's number for transactions with specified bodies for public services e.g., health, education, Revenue, employment, Driving Licence.

How to apply

Only the DEASP can provide you with a Personal Public Service Number (PPS number) . You can find a list of PPS Number Allocation Centres on the DEASP's website. You should attend your nearest PPS Number Allocation Centre. Please note that some Centres operate an appointment only system. You should contact your local centre to check if an appointment is required. A Public Services Card is usually issued when you are allocated a PPS number. This means that you will also have your photograph taken when you attend a Centre for registration of a new PPS number. It will take approximately 4-5 days for notification of your PPS number to arrive after your appointment.

Online appointments

If you want to get a PPS number or to be registered for a Public Services Card, you can now make an appointment online at mywelfare.ie.

You will first need to register with the site. To do this you need an email address.

When you have made your appointment, print the notification and bring it to your appointment along with the required documents (listed in the notification).

You can access a list of PPS online registration centres on welfare.ie.

If you do not know your PPS number, contact your Intreo Centre or local Social Welfare Branch Office and staff there can find your number for you.

If you are unsure as to whether a particular organisation, person or agent is entitled to request or use your PPS number, you should contact Client Identity Services in the Department of Employment Affairs and Social Protection. You can contact Client Identity Services using the secure online request form or by phone at (071) 967 2616 or Lo-call 1890 927 999.

Before you can be allocated a PPS number, you must show that you need one for a transaction with a specified body. For example, if you are taking up employment, you need a PPS number to register with the Revenue Commissioners. However, looking for work is not a transaction with a specified body and employers should not look for your PPS number when recruiting. An employer should only seek a PPS number if you are actually taking up employment with the organisation.

In order to be paid for your work in Ireland, you must register with the Department of social protection and obtain a PPS number. Please visit www.mywelfare.ie to register and make an appointment. You can only make an appointment once you are in Ireland and are residing here.

It will take 10 working days to receive your PPS number.

You will then need to apply for your tax credits certificate with revenue in order for your employer(s) to calculate rate of tax deducted. In order to do this, you must complete Form 12A which you can download from www.revenue.ie. It will take 3 working days from day revenue receive Form 12A completed by you.

Once you have your PPS number and tax credits certificate, you can then apply for an Irish bank account and begin receiving payment for work undertaken. Please view www.ros.ie.